7 x 14 Rathkamp Drums Zebrawood Snare Drum

The Aztec Warrior

A collaboration between Eric Warman and Todd Rathkamp

Hey Paisano - the Italian!

Mike Estatof signature snare (by “MING DRUM”). carbon fiber and kevlar shell and hoops, shell have carbon fiber reienforcing hoops, lugs are made with carbon fiber and alluminium. throw off is DUNNETT R3. this snare exist since 2009.

The Full Monty… this drum kit has two 22x15 BD, 8x7, 10x7, 12x8 TT, 14x12 & 16x13 FT, 14x6,5 SD. Shell material is mesawa, which has a pretty dry sound with little overtones. Perfect for rock and metal, as these drums are easy to tune, have a full, distinct sound and medium decay. It is one of 10 sets we built. Two sets come with double bass.

This is an Archetype Series Kit from Hendrix Drums. It is constructed from solid walnut thin stave shells. Finished in clear high gloss polyester. We are offering these drums through retailers across the country, and you can see them in the studio with Johnny Rabb here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TThjCNsMT4 . Enjoy!


engraved three ply - #candcdrums


Anonymous asked:

Hi,, i want to know about the Steamer Trunk Suitcase Kit, where i can get one? I´m from Portugal, what should i do to get one? Thanks


Email tvogel2@gmail.com


@benjaminhomolajust got his new #playerdate one shell’d kit — things were too hectic for us to get photos of this one„, so ill borrow his. 👀/👂 them on your with #kevindevine starting now.